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30,000 Feet


My goal in every art project is to create artwork that is interactive, sometimes physically, but always conceptually in the mind of the viewer.

The everyday world around us is amazing to me. I am drawn to the physical systems and structures that we have created collectively, like park systems, transit systems, buildings, public utilities, and others. It is fascinating to see our built environment and nature pushing, pulling, and jostling each other as they coexist.

I am familiar with working in a grand civic scale as well as in intimate environments. Recently, I completed a large site-specific installation at the King County International Airport in Seattle. It explores the dizzying heights of forest and sky by utilizing 30,000 one-foot wooden rulers.

The materials I choose are often clean-edged and simple. I work with various media including steel, bronze, wood, rainwater, light, electronics, video, and more. Durability and ease of maintenance are always very important.

I enjoy working with arts agencies, architects, engineers, fabricators, and other professionals. These collaborations have resulted in a high level of site integration; and in some cases, new techniques have been developed to accommodate the unique needs of an artwork.

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